The Kop

The famous Kop (or Spion Kop) stand of Anfield was built in 1906.

The Kop was built after Liverpool won a second League title and the board of directors decided to build the stand as a reward to the fans, but also to commemorate the many Liverpool lives that had been lost fighting on a hill, a Kop, in South Africa during the Boer War.

The Spion Kop
The original Spion Kop

The Kop was then redesigned in 1928 with a roof and could now hold up to 30,000 supporters.

The Kop

The Reds were scoring victory after victory led faithfully by their idol Bill Shankly and the incredible noise and fervour the Kopites generated during matches saw the BBC make a documentary about The Kop in 1964.

In 1994 The Kop was made into an all seater stand and it is the biggest single tier structure in Britain holding a capacity of almost 13,000 supporters.

Outside the famous stand resides the club shop as well as a statue of the man who put Liverpool on the map as ‘a bastion of invincibility’ Bill Shankly. On the statue are etched the words ‘He made the people happy’.