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/ October 6, 2011 20:19

The Problem With Andy Carroll

Tweet What’s wrong with our Andy? You have cost your club 35 million pounds, your international manager thinks you have a lifestyle problem and your game to goals ratio is almost 1 in 4. Well, if we believe the press then there are many problems with Andy Carroll but if we scratch the surface we might see a different picture. […]

/ September 27, 2011 00:43

Liverpool v Wolves – A Week On From Spurs

Tweet Anyone remember the Spurs horror show from last week? It is safe to say that most of us are feeling much happier than we were a week ago. Renewed optimism? I think so. The Reds had to pick up themselves up relatively quickly after that defeat at White Hart Lane, awaiting in the wings were Brighton and Hove Albion […]

/ September 19, 2011 00:34

A Bad Day At The Office For Liverpool

Tweet With plenty to dissect, one place to begin is to name the Man of the Match for Liverpool…and it quite simply had to be ‘The Travelling Kop!’ Singing throughout the game and remaining behind the Redmen, The Travelling Kop unreservedly won our vote. A Bad Day At The Office Watching the game unfold from kick off, in the early […]

/ July 13, 2011 12:50

Martin Kelly Gives Hope To Aspiring Footballers Everywhere

Tweet Martin Kelly spoke to Kick It Out as part of their “One Game, One Community” week. The 21-year-old defender gives hope to aspiring footballers everywhere as he speaks on honing his skills the local playing field, the multi-cultured city of Liverpool and bouncing back from his injuries. Since Kenny Dalglish took over from Roy Hodgson, Kelly has been the first […]