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Henderson: Added Pressure With Captaincy

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Captain Jordan Henderson caught up with ahead of tomorrow’s League Cup Final against Man City. In the interview Henderson talks about the extra pressure he feels being Captain of LFC, as he prepares for the League Cup Final.

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“I think it adds pressure but when you take on [the role] captain of such a big club like Liverpool it’s pressure anyway, but as players you want that,”

“You want that pressure to drive you on, to motivate you to want to do better for not only the team but the club and the fans.

“I think the only added pressure is doing more media work before the cup final! There’s a lot of pressure on that, but it doesn’t matter, if I’ve got to do that, that’s fine.


“My main focus is on just the final now and concentrating on what I need to do for the team to be successful.”

“All I’m thinking about is doing the best for the team where I feel as though I need to do as captain to lead by example.

“For me, it doesn’t matter who lifts the trophy or who judges me about being captain. All I’m bothered about is winning.

“If we win then that’s the most important thing and anybody can judge or say what they like because at the end of the day we [would] have won and that’s the main thing.”

“I think there’s a lot of excitement but you’ll always get excitement and you get that feeling inside your stomach,” said the midfielder.

“I think that’s a good thing, that adrenalin before a game and it will help you, especially at the start of the game when things will be pretty manic.

“With it being a cup final, the emotions will be flowing but it’s best just to try to control them the best you can and whichever way is best for you.

“For me, I’ll just try to treat it as a normal game but obviously I’ll have that extra bit of adrenalin if you like in my blood.

“It is difficult to approach it the same as any other game because it is a cup final and the rewards are huge really when only one team can win.

“But you’ve got to try your best to approach it the same, and to make sure the night before the game everything goes like it normally would and you are in your routine.

“That feeling of walking out at Wembley in a cup final will be incredible and you’ve just got to soak it up and enjoy it, and then use it on the pitch.”

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