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Alan Kennedy On The Season So Far (Part 2)

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In this second and final part of our exclusive interview with Kop Legend Alan Kennedy, Alan talks about what has impressed him about Brendan Rodgers…he compares the current team to the great Liverpool teams of the past… and provides a interesting insight into what he thinks the players might be going through with only five games to go…

Alan Kennedy On The Season So Far (Part 2)

The Asian Kop : Comparisons are being made with the current team and great teams of the past. The drive and determination the team right now, does it remind you of the great teams you played in?

Alan Kennedy : There will always been comparisons. Liverpool have played some of the best football we have seen, in the last ten or maybe twenty years. Let’s hope we are on the up and up but let’s not take anything away from the teams of the past, whether they played in the 1990’s or the 2000’s they were very very good teams. But this team could go on to be exceptional in terms of their ability to score goals but they will concede that’s the only thing. But they are very much motivated by going forward as we were. My job and other players job was to defend and that’s exactly what we did. But taking nothing away I think going forward Liverpool are probably the best team we’ve seen for a long time.

TAK : It’s been a real transformation in Liverpool’s fortunes this season. What has impressed you the most about Brendan Rodgers?

Alan Kennedy : Well just his tactics. He plays two forwards and not many teams do that. You look at any other team they play one forward and one sitting off. But he has gone with two forwards and asked them to play slightly different roles, he asked them to play a little bit deeper, whether that be Suarez or Sturridge. He’s got the best out of certainly some young players. It’s been a good passage of play for Liverpool. Take nothing for granted and Brendan will keep the players feet firmly on the ground and say ‘we’ve won nothing yet’, and until we start winning things then we can be judged on what we win’. So, he certainly has a great philosophy, keeping the players in a good frame of mind and he tells them how he wants them to play and I think every player has adjusted to that and is confident with the manager.

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TAK: With only five games to go, what must the players being going through and how do they deal with the excitement which is gathering pace as Liverpool edge towards the Premier League Title?

Alan Kennedy : These players have not been in this position before as far as I am aware. Steven Gerrard was last involved in the title race under Rafa Benitez when we finished second in the league. So, they have not been there and Brendan is new to this as well. So, all they need to do is concentrate on getting a result in every game. If Liverpool are going to have a chance of winning the league, they have to win every game this season and put pressure on other teams. Every game is a must win situation. I would be emphasising to the players a draw isn’t good enough. We go out and play football we have played all season. We have to go out and win the game.


TAK: What do you think Man City and Chelsea will now be thinking, knowing that they still have to come to Anfield?

Alan Kennedy : I certainly think it is an intimidating atmosphere. Anything can happen and I really mean this. We have seen Chelsea stumble. It’s now Manchester City who are playing probably their best football after being beaten by Barcelona. I think a lot of the neutrals are really favouring Liverpool. Certainly, Liverpool have a great fanbase throughout the world. I think a lot of people are hoping Liverpool can pip the likes of Manchester City who have spent massively on the top players in world football. All credit to Pellegrini who has adapted to the Premier League quite well. Mourinho is the type of manager who never gives up. This could go to the final game of the season.

TAK: If we were to bring the title home this season after a 24 year wait. Where would this achievement rank?

Alan Kennedy: Well you look where we were 24 years ago after winning the League Division One Championship and we thought that Liverpool would go from strength to strength but that wasn’t the case. We lost our way a  little bit and it’s taken a long time to get back. If we win it, it will be up there with some of the best performances Liverpool history in my eyes. And all credit to the players and staff especially after winning the title after 24 years ago and then not carrying on the way the club expected so. This will be a super achievement!


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Kennedy for his time. Having had the pleasure of Alan’s company on a number of occasions, he really is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

A fantastic after dinner speaker, whose stories will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you would like  to book Alan for one of your after dinner events then please drop us a line at

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