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Alan Kennedy On The Season So Far (Interview Part 1)

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The Asian Kop had the pleasure and honour of catching up with Liverpool Legend Alan Kennedy recently. Alan took time out from his busy schedule to talk all things Liverpool.

In this exclusive interview with two time European Cup winner, Alan shares this thoughts on the season so far, which players have impressed him, how highly he rates the SAS partnership and a special word on Captain Fantastic – Steven Gerrard.

Alan Kennedy On The Season So Far (Part 1) 

The Asian Kop : What have you made of Liverpool’s season so far Alan?

Alan Kennedy: Season has been a pleasant surprise as I feel we are ahead of Brendan’s 5 year plan. The team have gelled very well and individuals have developed under Brendan so much. We still have a way to go, but it has been a fantastic season so far.

TAK: Liverpool have been involved in some incredible games this season, what has been Alan Kennedy’s stand out game?

Alan Kennedy : Well for me every game has been stand out, I have to say. I have been to quite a few of the away games, I think we have taken the games by storm, we played really well and played good football. I suppose we all look at Arsenal how well we did 4-0 up after 20 minutes into the  game, and then they done the job and they done it well. There’s been plenty of stand out games. But putting your finger on one of them, it is hard to do because some of the performances have been exceptional from the team rather than the individual.

TAK: Players seem to have grown and developed on the pitch this season. Is there anyone who has really impressed you and caught your eye?

Alan Kennedy : Yes, there have been several that have caught my eye. Jon Flanagan has come into the team. For me, he does very very well at the left back role rather than the right back role. I know he started his career at right back but I think he’s a better left back. Obviously we have obviously missed Enrique from that point of view but I think Jon Flanagan has done very well in that area. He looks comfortable, he has supported and has scored goals as well which is a bit of a bonus. He has made a very telling contribution.


I think Coutinho is growing in stature all the time. I think he is slowly developing into a player who can play that killer ball to Suarez and to the likes of Sturridge.

So yes, standout Flanagan and Coutinho have been exceptional.

TAK : Stevie G has shown on many occasions this season he still is Captain Fantastic and a vital part of the team. What have you made of Stevie G’s season?

Alan Kennedy: It’s been I suppose an indifferent season for Stevie. I spoke to him earlier on in the season and asked him how things were going in that slightly defensive role. He said it takes time, which it has done. You know, we just can’t allow him to do the defensive side of it and that’s why in the early part of the season we had games which we struggled to control. But once players know what they are doing then they can move over and Stevie G can orchestrate the long balls, the short balls, and the one twos.

LFC Gerrard Fulham

When he is in control of the game, he is one of the best midfield players in world football not just the Premier League. I love his contribution, he is a captain. We talk about talking on the pitch, he talks to his players, he gives his players sometimes a rollicking, he cajoles them, he tells them and that’s what exactly a captain should be doing. So all credit to him, he’s been that Captain on the pitch and also off the pitch as well.

TAK: A word on Suarez and Sturridge partnership, it really is developing into something special. Where would you rank this partnership with the other Liverpool strike partnerships of the past?

Alan Kennedy: We’ve always had great centre forwards, and always had good combinations. This one is as good as any and it really is quite a formidable partnership. It is the best in the Premier League, but it could be the best European Football and possibly world football. The normal game for their type of game is to score goals and nobody can ask any more of what they are doing. I can only think, that if Suarez had played those extra 5 games at the beginning of the season, he would have broken the record for most Premier League goals scored in one season. I have to say the partnership can only get better. What Brendan is doing, is picking the team around those two because those two are central to how Liverpool are playing, and what type of football they play.

Suarez and Sturridge

In Part 2 Alan compares the current Liverpool to the great teams of Liverpool past, how he thinks we should approach the remaining games and what Man City and Chelsea should expect when they come to Anfield this season.



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