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Knife Victim Releases First Music Single – An Inspiring Story Of A LFC Fan

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Lukhdeep known as Lux Phull suffered an atrocious attack in December 1993 when Lukhdeep Phull’s life changed forever.

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Lux was stabbed in the spine at Leicester Square underground station and his spinal cord was severely injured on a night out with his friends. Initially in a wheelchair for several years, Lux fought to get back on his feet and he is now about to fulfil another ambition by releasing his first record.

During the years that followed Lux had a fairly ordinary life. He restarted his education gaining a degree in multimedia computing, all the while continuing with a physio more local to home in Wembley. Gradually Lux began to regain functionality and movement and in 1998, some five years after his accident, Lux was able to park his wheelchair and has used only crutches since then. Lux now continues to improve by attending neurokinex which is a new activity-based rehabilitation centre in Watford. The extraordinary non-profit facility provides specialist rehabilitation through exercise for people suffering from spinal cord injuries.

We caught up Lux earlier this week and spoke about the release of his single and all things Liverpool.

In the opening shots of your video, you’re wearing a LFC top, and then a younger Lux is wearing a Crown Paints top, why did you choose to include the famous red shirt in your video?

I have supported Liverpool ever since I was a kid and they have played a big part in my life throughout. Love Liverpool with all my heart and soul and I had the exact shirts back in the day.

The video filmed and produced by Jashn Films, it was a great honour working with them and they brought my childhood memories back into life. We brainstormed with the video ideas but the one having back flashes struck a chord. They have done an amazing job was really happy with the end product.

Liverpool 1986

How much of a part has following Liverpool played in your life?

Ever since I was a kid Liverpool have been with me through the good and bad times, but one thing my support has always been 110%. I have been through loads in life being paralysed at a young age and Liverpool with other things have given me focus, a sense of togetherness. Makes me so happy.


Who has been your biggest influence in achieving your dreams as a music producer?

Music has always been a passion. When I was a child I use to learn the tabla at the local temple, use to love dancing to bhangra music at weddings. After my injury I started to learn the Piano and Music production from my teacher Shan Verma. He’s been an inspiration to me in my music and has collaborated on all my music as has Gov who is my musical partner. Artist wise I love all sorts of music from Daft Punk, to Grudas Maan, to Pharell Williams to Marcus Miller.

How much work has gone into making this song?

This song means so much to me as the actual lyrics resonate to my life. I have been through loads as I have said before and the track ‘Jigrey Yaaran Di’ means ‘support of your friends’ and I have received that to the max, it also means fighting for what you believe and never giving up on things. Musically it was such a great experience getting all the different musicians together and recording the different parts for example the dhol, dholki to the Sarangi which was recorded in Punjab. There are more collaborations to come from the label I am on Speakerboxx UK Records. Myself, Shan and gov will be releasing some great diverse Punjabi songs.

How does it feel to release your first record? What has the response been like?

It is a dream come true to release my first record, Ever since I got injured I was like if I can’t dance like i used to I want to make people dance. I hope people will enjoy the UK bhangra feel we have put into this song. Response has been great, video been up almost 10 days now and got over 8000 views on youtube and been in the world charts in iTunes. I have been overwhelmed by the response on twitter and Facebook on people being inspired by my story and how far I have come. Just want to inspire people that anything is possible and not to give up. Want to inspire people to pursue their dreams. This track is available on all digital platforms on Spereakerboxx Records.

What was the first game you attended as a fan? What were your first impressions of the stadium and the club?

Gerrard 2001

This first game I attended was the 3-1 win over Everton at Goodison what an amazing away day. It was when Steven Gerrard scored that screamer. This was back in 2001. However the first time i saw Liverpool play at Anfield was in 2001 in a UEFA cup game Versues Vitesse we won 1-0 and i still have the ticket stub. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the hallowed turf of anfield. Can still picture that moment today. Was a surreal feeling seeing the Hillsborough memorial as well, paid our respects there too. Totally loved coming to Anfield the first time.

hillsborough memorial

Whose is your favourite player? Have you met him?

My favourite player is captain fantastic Steven Gerrard. I have seen him play many a game at Anfield but have not met him. One day I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting him.

Steven Gerrard

What’s the best match you’ve been to?

Best match was the 2004-2005 Champions league semi final second leg against Chelsea. It was the best atmosphere I have ever encountered throughout my life and to this day. The buzz just walking into the stadium an hour and half before the kick off was something I have never seen before. Singing full volume whilst players were warming up. The final whistle all the fans hugging and singing together. WOW WOW Gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

Which is the most memorable Liverpool goal you have seen?

Was it or wasn’t it, but it has to be the Luis Garcia Goal against Chelsea in the semi final. I’m beaming with joy typing about it.


Where did you watch the 2005 Champions League Final against AC Milan? What were you like after the final whistle?

Throughout this Champions League campaign I went to all games and had a chance to go to the final, but due to walking with crutches I thought I was going to be really hard to attend. We had a Champions league party where all friends and family came over and watched it round my house. I was delirious, tears in my eyes, was pinching myself if it happened or not. Was the best feeling in my life, we was 5 times European Champions.

Will the proceeds of this song support charity?

Yes, Spinal Research is a charity very close to my heart and part of proceeds will be going towards them. They are working very hard in finding a cure which will help paralysed people across the world.

Interview Ends

I’m you’ll all agree it really is an inspiring story, and we hope you’ll support his work. We would like to wish Lux the very best with his first song and hope it’s just the start of something special.

Check out Lux’s video ‘Jigrey Yaaran Di’ below and you can follow him on Twitter @LuxPhull.



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