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F v H Campaign

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The Asian Kop is supporting a FA led initiative called ‘Football v Homophobia’.

The FA runs and supports programmes to challenge all forms of discrimination, including the ‘Football v Homophobia’ campaign:

With the expertise of the Football v Homophobia team, there are ways in which you can get involved.



Anyone who gets involved with an activity can have their name and club logo displayed on the ‘FvH leaderboard’ on The FA website.

To view the toolkits and learn how you can get involved, please click here:

Some examples of the most popular activities so far have been, playing a representative friendly game under the ‘FvH’ banner, displaying a statement of support for the FvH campaign on your website and using the logo on correspondence, emailing and tweeting a letter/statement of support for the campaign encouraging your stakeholders to get involved.

The Football v Homophobia team are looking for 150 clubs or teams of all descriptions and backgrounds to visibly demonstrate their support for the campaign and take a stand.

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