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HJC London Rock Speaks To The Asian Kop

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With only days to go now, the HJC London Rock is fast becoming the hottest ticket in town. Hosting top bands and music artists like The Tea Street Band, Contra, John Power and a host of distinguished journalists, and bloggers the HJC London Rock will most certainly be the place to be this Saturday.


The Asian Kop caught up with Kristian Wyatt, one of the organisers behind HJC London Rock to find out more about the event.

The Asian Kop:  Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to speak with us. We would like to start by asking you how did the idea of hosting a HJC fundraiser event and especially in London come about?

Kristian Wyatt:  The idea came about when I saw that the HJC were raising funds for the city centre memorial. I am in a band and thought about getting a few fellow reds together for a match and music and see if we could raise a few quid. Then I got chatting to Andy Thornley who loved the idea and before long he had a select group all interested in attending and helping out. Suddenly we had an evening with 350 people there and raised £14,000.


TAK:  To give us fans an idea, how much time, effort and preparation goes into organising an event like this?

KW: Planning. It’s not an easy process. We started planning for both events four months in advance. The venue, the bands,ticketing, auction raffle prizes. Getting the word out relies on a network of people and organisations. It was much harder last year as we did everything from scratch but this year the event is even larger so this has its own set of hurdles to overcome.

TAK: What has the support been like from the LFC family and others?

KW: It’s wonderful the messages of offers of help that come in from all sides. From auction items to help on the day from a simple retweet. Genuine help from genuine people.

TAK: Were there any special highlights from last year’s HJC London Rock for you?

KW: There were three highlights for me from last year. First Tony Evans’s speech. It for me goes down as one of the finest speeches I have heard. It was short, powerful and perfectly worded and full of emotion. Second highlight was the timing. Just three days after the Hillsborough independent panel report was released the event was a chance for people to let off steam after a very tense period. There were many family members there and proved a great tension outlet. Last highlight was after everyone had left and I was there on my own. I just shook my head in disbelief that “we did it”.


TAK: This is the second HJC London Rock, what’s in store for the fans attending this year’s event?

KW: This year we have the brilliant Tea Street Band. These lads are rising stars and brilliant live. We have also just confirmed John Power will play. John is very well known for his brilliant voice and has recently finished playing John Lennon in Liverpool. I am in a band called ‘Contra’ and we will play too. Delighted to say the Anfield Wrap will do a live set. The lads produce a terrific footie talk show with quips, humour, a top panel and led by the very captivating Neil Atkinson. We have loads of raffle and auction items and we’re happy to hear a few words from both the HJC and the 23 Foundation on the night. We also have the match live on screen for those without match tickets. We’ve made a great start and bags of potential still to unleash. It’s a top of the table clash and my prediction is a 2-1 win for Liverpool.

TAK: Your supporting the HJC and 23 Foundation, how important is the work they still do today?

KW: The HJC has battled for almost a quarter of a century for justice following the Hillsborough tragedy. They battled long after many had given up. They took on the might of the institutions and the tide is now turning and the battle is being won. There is still a long way to go but their work was tireless and relentless and we thank them.

The 23 foundation is giving the youth a chance. Not just in Liverpool but around the world. The charity is Jamie Carragher’s personal foundation and he is backed by a great team of people who again are real heroes.


Thank you for your time Kris.

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We really can’t emphasize the hard work that has gone into an event like this. We hope many of  you will be there to support the great work done by Kris, Andy, Les and the many bands, artists and special guests who will all be there to make the second HJC London Rock one to remember.

Tickets: www.hjclondonrock.com/tickets

Auction Items:


Last years event was a huge success raising £14,310.04.

More information on the event can be found on : www.hjclondonrock.com

Les Wright’s (Supply Chain Solution Ltd) recent interview with BBC Radio Merseyside:

Tony Evans’s  Speech at HJC London Rock 2012:







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