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‘Walk On’ Producer Speaks To The Asian Kop

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We all know that the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is a song which is synonymous with Liverpool Football Club. Sung over the years by generations of Liverpool Fans around the world. Now,a group of Liverpool fans have gone about highlighting the impact of this song on Liverpool Football Club through a documentary titled ‘Walk On – The Story of You’ll Never Walk Alone.’


This 56 minute documentary, which features the likes of King Kenny, Jamie Carragher, Steven Gerrard, Ron Yeats Ian St John and John Aldridge to name but a few, may not after all, be released.

The documentary is ready, but the journey for the filmmakers is however still not complete and they need our support. After initial interest from broadcasting companies, the final bids did not materialise. And now left with the task of raising £75,000 by the 26th September the producers of ‘Walk On’ are requesting fans get behind the documentary and support the release by pledging via the Kickstarter appeal http://kck.st/14IihVx

Walk On

We got caught up with Jah Jussa the Producer behind the film, to find out more about this project.

Interview with ‘Walk On’ Producer Jah Jussa

Thank you for joining us at The Asian Kop.

Firstly how did the idea of doing a documentary on You’ll Never Walk Alone come about? Why the song?

The idea came from a friend of ours, Dave Cotterill who is also an executive producer of the film and a Red.  It struck him that here was a song, an anthem which has been sung on the Kop for 50 years, which is amazing in itself.  But why had the words never been changed?  And the more we looked into it, the more we agreed that it was a great subject for a documentary. It’s a show tune from a musical, ‘Carousel’, which was adopted by the fans of Liverpool and has been sung word for word, through triumph, defeat, the highs of our great European triumphs, the low of the Hillsborough disaster and the struggle for justice in the following years.  It’s a song that covers every situation and its association with football started on the Kop in 1963.

How special was it for you being a LFC fan to be involved in such a project?

As a Red, the project has been a joy – I love the club and being able to put serious time into researching and immersing myself in the history of the club has been great. It’s not every day that you can get access to Anfield to spend a day filming inside the ground or go up to Melwood to interview Steven Gerrard and Kenny Dalglish!

You’ve interviewed many LFC legends, which interview(s) stood out for you?

It’s always great to meet players from the modern era like Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher and the interview with Kenny Dalglish was special because it’s King Kenny but the interview that I enjoyed the most was the one with 60’s striker Ian St John.  He’s a great story teller and he took us from signing for Liverpool in 1961 from Motherwell, through to the amazing atmosphere in Liverpool in the early 60’s as Beatlemania swept around the world, and the incredible energy generated by the Kop as Bill Shankly’s Liverpool FC swept all before them.  And he’s very passionate about the club – it choked him up talking about the Kop in those days.

Ian St John

Which interview(s) gave you a deep insight into the legacy of the song?

It was interesting to find out how the song affects all of the players, past and present.  We know how the song affects us as fans but it really has the same affect on the players on the pitch – Ron Yeats was telling us that as a professional footballer a song shouldn’t affect a footballers performance but he says that it did and Steve Gerrard agrees.


To give an idea to all LFC fans, how much work has gone into this project?

We’ve been working on the documentary for 18 months now.   It’s been self financed and it’s a labour of love.  Tabacula is a small independent company so we’ve put everything into the making of the film – Pre production, the filming and the edit.  But now we can’t afford to pay for the clearances, the licensing of the archive and music and the distribution and all that entails.  That’s why we’re turned to the Kickstarter crowd funding – asking fans to pre-buy the DVD so that we can pay those costs and get the film out.

What’s one thing you have learned about the song and Liverpool Football Club during this documentary?

There’s a lot of different stories about who sang YNWA first on the Kop, but the only thing we know for sure is that it was first played over the tannoy on October 19th, 1963 and that’s the week when YNWA first entered the top ten. In 1962/63 a new tannoy was installed in the Kop and the DJ, Stuart Bateman used to play the top 10 as entertainment to the crowd. And the Kop joined in and led the singing before each match.  Gradually the Kop became the entertainment and the singing started to spill into the game itself.

Kop 1

How fitting would it be for the ‘Walk On’ documentary to be released in Shankly’s 100th Year and the 50th Anniversary of the song?

All along we were aiming for the 50th anniversary of Gerry and the Pacemakers song first being sung on the Kop – It’s a remarkable milestone in football terrace culture. We know how fast fashions change, but here is something that has been a constant for half a century. And when we found out it was Shankly’s 100th it’s like it was always meant to be.

How easy is it for fans to make a pledge?

It’s relatively easy  – if you go to www.walkonfilm.com, that will redirect you to Kickstarter.  You’ll need to sign up for an account, pledge what you can (it’s £10 for the DVD and if supporters want to club together, we’ll send them a box of 25 DVD’s for £250 including postage), then you’ll need to put your card details in… No money is taken if we don’t make the total – it’ll only come out if we reach £75,000 on the 26th September, so it’s all or nothing for us.

What would you like to say to all the LFC fans out there?

There’s a variety of rewards on the Kickstarter page – from £7 a download to £5,000 to have a company’s logo on the front of the film! But this isn’t about us getting rich.  All we’re trying to do is get the film out to as many fans of LFC as we can, worldwide.  Every pledge counts towards our total.  7,000 fans pre-buying the DVD will get us there.

Thank you  for your time Jah.

I’m sure we would all love to see this documentary, alot of hard work has gone into this and it would be a real shame if this documentary ended up on the back shelves of a locked room and not the shop floors on the 26th September.

Please feel to share, RT the link and spread the word. As Jah said, if we get 7,000 fans pledging £10 then the target will be hit. It’s all or nothing now, so let’s give these guys the support they deserve.

Here is the link once again:


Pledge breakdowns:

Pledge of £7 will get you a  digital download of the film  upon release.

Pledge £10 and you will  receive a DVD of the film in time  for Christmas

Pledge £75 will  get you one circle ticket to the  film’s exclusive (invite only) premiere at Philharmonic  Hall and a DVD of  the film.

Pledge £400 you will receive two VIP tickets  to the premiere , two VIP tickets to the  after-show party and two DVDs.

Pledge £3,000 or  more and you will  receive an executive producer credit on the film. Two VIP tickets to  the premiere in a  private box and two VIP  tickets to the after- show party.

The Trailer:

Clips from the documentary:

Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Ian St John here:

https://vimeo.com/74003593 https://vimeo.com/73704355





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