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My Liverpool Story : ‘Kal of The Kop’ and Pretash Gohil

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As part of our on going series ‘My Liverpool Story’, The Asian Kop are delighted to feature another set of fan stories. This week we would like to thank Kal Shina (Kal Of The Kop) and Pretash Gohil for sharing their stories. We hope you enjoy reading them!

My LFC Story ‘Kal of The Kop’ (England)

Why do you support Liverpool? 

I support Liverpool Football Club because it sums up everything great about football; success, fighting together through the bad times, courage, never giving up, tradition, quality, integrity, respect and friendship and the club saying is true in every walk of life; You’ll Never Walk Alone! 


How did supporting Liverpool FC come about? 

When I was about 9 years old (1995), I used to love playing football at school, but didn’t watch much football on the television. The first ever match I watched on TV was Juventus vs Rangers in the Champions League. Del Piero scored a great free kick and from that moment I was hooked to watching footy on the box as well as playing it!

A few weeks later, I tuned into Football Focus and there was a piece on Robbie Fowler! After watching his left foot, I wanted to be just like him. I kept following their matches and with the likes of Barnes, McManaman, Collymore, Redknapp, Scales, Rob Jones, etc. What sealed the deal for me and told me I was a Kopite was when we beat Man Utd 2-0 and Robbie Fowler got both goals, that free kick was something else and from that moment on, I was a Red!

premier league liverpool v manchester united

That season was a special season as well because we got to the final of the FA cup as well and I thought Robbie Fowler really was God as he had scored in every round of the FA Cup (except the Final). I remember the 4-3 against Newcastle as well and the roar of the crowd at Anfield just sounded amazing! The rest is history.

Why is LFC so special to you? 

Anfield always felt like a special and the Kop always felt like a cauldron of positive energy! As I started falling in love with LFC, I began to do more research and learnt about Hillsborough and Heysel. Tragic events that have shaped the club and made it stronger and given it an even stronger identity. Also, larger than life characters like Shankly and Paisley, who poured every single ounce of energy into making LFC a world force! Their charisma is still special to this day and their names will live on forever! To me, Liverpool FC just has magic in it and I can’t really put in words how it feels to be a fan. It’s just special and you just feel an automatic bond to the club.

Kop 1

Your first match at Anfield?

March 2004, Uefa Cup tie vs. Olympic Marseille!! The whole day was amazing because I was so excited to be going to Anfield. We were seated in the Centenary Stand. My heart sank when I walked up the stairs and saw that green green grass! Then You’ll Never Walk Alone came on! I was in heaven, I just closed my eyes and sang to the top of my voice and every single ounce of energy went into it. That was the first live football match I’d ever seen and I remember how smooth the players were and how easy they made it look. Milan Baros scored to put us one up. That Anfield roar I had heard for years didn’t let me down in person and it was an amazing experience to be celebrating in Anfield!


Didier Drogba was at Marseille and I remember him doing a great turn on Sami. I was shocked but at the same time amazed on how great these pro’s are. After the match, the club store! I sold my car a few days earlier. It was just a little Ford Fiesta, which I sold for £250 cash. All that cash went straight into the club shop and I purchased vintage tracksuit tops, vintage programmes, rings, jackets, joggers, etc , etc. Anfield is just amazing and if I had my way, we’d never move away from it.

I was also fortunate enough to be at the Olympiakos 3-1 group game, quarter final tie with Juventus and semi final match against Chelsea. 

What has been your favourite game?

My favourite game was Champions League semi final vs Chelsea in 2005. I was sitting in the Kop, block 305. The weather was amazing, the day was amazing and the feeling in the ground was that we knew we were destined to go to Istanbul! I saw the infamous goal and to me, it was over the line!


The last few minutes were pure agony. 6minutes injury time was shocking and Gudjohnsen’s miss in the last few seconds was something I can’t even put in words. But, when that final whistle went and the Kop started celebrating, that was the best feeling ever! At one point, I just stopped and looked at the ground; it was moving!!! I immediately thought of the LFC website and a section called ‘Days that shook the Kop’. I was on one of these days! I even saw grown men cry. I was close to tears myself but that day was all about joy and happiness. The best game I’ve ever been to!

Who is your favourite player?

My favourite Liverpool player is Steven Gerrard because he plays with a passion and power only a hometown kid can! He never gives up and leads from the front. Above that, he is a world class player with bags of talent and can fit into any playing system. When I first saw his goal against Man Utd (Anfield 2001 from distance against Barthez), it felt even better than Robbie’s goal. His performance in Istanbul sums him up! Top quality player and the quality heart to match!

Steven Gerrard Champs League

What is your most memorable Liverpool goal?

My most memorable Liverpool goal Luis Garcia vs Juventus in 2005. As the ball came over his right shoulder, I was in the Kop and thinking ‘is he gonna hit it’. It looked like it sat up quite nicely and the next thing you know it’s in the back of the net. I just went crazy and couldn’t believe he’d beaten Buffon from 25 yards with a world class strike!! That put us 2-0 up!!


Where did you watch the 2005 Champions League Final?

I watched the 2005 Champions League at the pub and when Dudek saved Shevchenko’s penalty I was on the floor on my knees and kissed the carpet for some weird reason, then everyone just went mad in the pub and it turned out to be one hell of a party!

Have you met your any Liverpool players or even Old Big Ears, and what was that experience like? 

I’’ve never met any Liverpool players, I was fortunate enough to do a stadium tour in 2007 and took a picture with Big Ears! 5 European Cups always makes me smile and to continue the tour to see everything else about our great club was amazing! Oh, Xabi Alonso nearly ran me over in the Anfield car park before a game once and it was quite funny because my LFC top had ’14 XABI’ on the back of it.

What makes Liverpool the greatest club to support?

To me, it’s just a feeling from inside that I always had. As soon as I watched Robbie play on the telly, to the 2001 treble to watching Steve G mature as a rough looking 21 year old, I can only say it’s a feeling the club brings to me. the values of the club, the respect, heritage, culture, class and tangible emotional pride that comes through from the fans is just the best!

Kop 3

My LFC Story- Pretash Gohil (England)

I support Liverpool because  they are close to my heart and their family club ethos appeals to me.

My earliest memory of Liverpool was watching Ian Rush, Peter Beardsley, Craig Johnston and John Barnes slice through defences.


My favourite Liverpool player is  Steven Gerrard because he has rarely failed to deliver.

My favourite game was  the European Cup final in Instanbul vs AC milan.

My most memorable Liverpool goal Steven Gerrard vs Olympiakos.

Gerrard Olympiakos

My first Anfield game was  Liverpool vs Everton 2008.

The best game I have been to is  Portsmouth vs Liverpool when we won 3-2 with a late Torres header.

My favourite Liverpool moment was undoubtely, winning the Champions League Final 2005.

My special Liverpool experience was  meeting the Liverpool team twice personally and chatting with Gerrard and Suarez!

Suarez and Gerrard

Liverpool are the greatest club because of their philosophy, treatment of staff players fans and managers and tremendous history.



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