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Rodgers: We’ve Missed Carra’s Leadership

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Brendan Rodgers, has spoken of the leadership qualities that Jamie Carragher has to offer to the First Team. Carragher, who impressed in his performance against the Canaries on Saturday still has an important part to play over the second part of the season.

Speaking to the clubs official website Bredan Rodgers said:


“Jamie has been an absolute model professional. I feel we are a quiet team, and maybe we’ve needed players who can organise and manage inside the game.

“He’s someone who can do that. You need a voice in your team, and you don’t get a louder voice that Carra’s! If it’s not in your nature, it’s difficult.

“There are big communicators like Carra, but the small talk within the game is important too. I feel it is important you have players of dominance in your team, and there’s no doubt Jamie’s got that.

“We’ve missed the leadership he offers. I put him in [against Norwich] because we’ve got to kick on and we’ve got to improve. We’ve done terrific this season against the teams at Anfield who can make it difficult.

“But in the big games we want to kick on, and for that you need experience, leadership and organisation – just fine lines really that can make the difference for you. That is something I know Jamie has got.”

Carra who made his second league start of the season against the Canaries, will be relishing the opportunity to feature heavily in the coming weeks.




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